Facts and testimonials

The total time involved in completing the Chaplaincy Certification Program is 4 months. The program is $770 and discounts for those who pay in full.

Here’s what our program alumni are saying about their Chaplaincy Certification:
“ In 3 months after completing the program I went to work as a hospice nurse” Joyce S.
“ Upon completing the program I am serving in a jail ministry and outside to inmates families” Bernell W.
“ I am serving 2 corporations as their workplace chaplain” John W.
“ I have served as a chaplain in 2 critical incidents in less than a year”

Chaplaincy is not a religious endeavor. It is qualified/professional people caring for people. A confidential source for your employees, and hurting people to seek resources, assistance, and support —because life just doesn’t happen from 9 – 5.