Our next ACA Certification Class will begin sometime in January 2024.

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After taking this class how are you preparing yourself to serve as a Chaplain and how will
you act differently in the next critical incident you encounter? I am listening to all of the
teachings and testimonies of the teachers and trying to picture myself in that role,
questioning if I have the basic skills and aptitudes, and desire to serve in that particular
segment of Chaplaincy. All of the teachers have a heart and desire to serve in their area of
chaplaincy and it’s good to see the crossover of the different specific areas. So all of the
classes are helpful and as I proceed, I’m getting a better understanding of how I can serve.
I think that with the good cross-section of information, I’m in a better position to
understand my role, which helps me to minister rightly-and in understanding my role, to
be free to minister without over-stepping or under-stepping by striving or being too timid.
I may be the best guy available at some point in time and believe that if I’m the best guy
available- then I’ll do my best at that time. And that will be “Good enough” if God is asking.
John Ball, class of 6/1/23


2 Classes Intro to Chaplaincy

3 Classes of Jail & Prison – Dr. Bernard Miller

3 Classes of Military Family – Dr. Juanita Warren & Chaplain Matt Griffith

3 Classes Critical Incidence

3 Classes Hospital & Hospice Dr. Tim Pendrey

3 Classes of Critical Incidence Dr. Terry Norris & Others

3 Classes of Workplace/Market Place Chaplaincy- Dr. Travis & Dr. Kelly

1 Class Chaplain to Chaplain/Self Care

All classes are recorded and you will receive an MP3 – This class offers 6 six CEU’s and two 3 hr. classes scholarship by Aidan U.

Please contact [email protected] with questions.

With all classes held virtually, the program is designed for individuals working full-time in ministry, missions, or the marketplace. The American Chaplains Association is a national organization of multi-faceted chaplains.


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