Annual ACA, GBOE, GCCA & Logos Global Network Conference – June 21, 22, 2024

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Our next ACA Certification Class will begin Tuesday, July 9th 2024 – Further Info to Follow

 You can go online to register and pay. www.AmericanChaplainsAssociation.org 

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2 Classes Intro to Chaplaincy

3 Classes of Jail & Prison – Dr. Bernard Miller                 

3 Classes of Military Family – Dr. Juanita Warren & Chaplain Matt Griffith

                 3 Classes Critical Incidence

                 3 Classes Hospital & Hospice Dr. Tim Pendrey

                 3 Classes of Critical Incidence Dr. Terry Norris & Others

                 3 Classes of Workplace/Market Place Chaplaincy- Dr. Travis & Dr. Kelly

                 1 Class Chaplain to Chaplain/Self Care

All classes are recorded and you will receive an MP3 – This class offers 6 six CEU’s and two 3 hr. classes scholarship by Aidan U.

Please contact [email protected] with questions.

With all classes held virtually, the program is designed for individuals working full-time in ministry, missions, or the marketplace. The American Chaplains Association is a national organization of multi-faceted chaplains.


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