Chaplaincy Certification Program

All classes are held over the telephone and email. MP3s of each class is emailed to the students for them to keep and review.


  1. Introduction to Chaplaincy: Provides an introduction to chaplaincy and establishes the foundation and expectations for
    the entire course
  2. Military Chaplaincy: Offers insight into the military culture and increases awareness of needs and considerations when supporting service members and their loved ones located throughout our community
  3. Hospital/Hospice Chaplaincy: Provides students with best practices and lessons learned when serving as a chaplain in hospital and/or hospices environments
  4. Workplace/Marketplace Chaplaincy: Students learn how to serve employees and staff as a chaplain (formally and informally) in corporations, organizations, and other places of employment
  5. Critical Incident Chaplaincy: Exposes students to caring for people during difficult times and following traumatic events
  6. Jail and Prison Chaplaincy: Going into jails and prisons while learning the rules and regulations and ministering to inmates and
    staff in whatever capacity needed
  7. Chaplains to Chaplains: Helps Chaplains to serve each other and when to seek help to prevent burnout.

Classes are instructed by chaplains and industry professionals with subject matter expertise in the areas covered.

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