Dr. Terry Norris

Dr. Terry Norris is the Founder of Emerge Ministries. Established in 2015, Emerges home office is in Beulaville,
North Carolina. Dr. Norris now serves as the Executive Director. Emerge is a kingdom-building evangelistic
organization. His focus is intentional Missiology that results in missions that serve churches and communities
restoring values and beliefs, and exposing a biblical worldview that leads to a lifestyle of success.
At age twenty-seven (27) Terry was a convicted felon suffering from alcoholism, cocaine, and heroin
addiction, who eventually became homeless. Since 1986, he has served in Christ-Centered ministry and secular
humanitarian organizations. Terry is an ordained minister. He holds a Masters in Christian Counseling and a
Doctorate in Philosophy from Aidan University. He has concentrated studies in Substance Abuse and
Addiction. Also, extensive studies on the eight theories of human behavior. Dr. Norris has served on several
boards developing processes and procedures in the treatment of Substance Abuse, the mission of evangelism
and humanitarian education. He is also a Certified Chaplain through the American Chaplains Association.
As spokesperson for Emerge, he often travels and speaks apologetically on biblical relationships and the
role they should play in shaping American culture. His ministry is focused on reconciliation and restoration
among individual believers for the deliverance of a strong Biblical Worldview. He believes that follow-up and
mentoring are key to long-term success when working with individuals seeking a better life. Establishing
assistance that does not include follow-up or mentoring only makes orphans. We must intricately weave
together, as one in Christ serving one another, “a threefold cord of evangelism, church, and discipleship.”
These types of relationships are not quickly broken. Thus, delivering sustainable change in people’s lives.
Terry and his wife Judy were raised and continue to live in Eastern North Carolina. Both serve in Emerge
Ministries. Terry and Judy enjoy time with their grandchildren and time on the shores of North Carolina.
Terry’s passion outside of ministry is riding motorcycles and horses. As a lifetime professional musician, he
continues to play music regularly as part of “Emerge Live” an eclectic group of musicians that perform
concerts for the underserved in communities across the country.