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Mark Your Calendars Now: June 8-9, 2018
Logos Global Network and partners Annual Conference – Includes 9 CEU’s
Aidan U., GBOE, GCCA, ACA, LCU are all under the covering of LGN.

The conference is Friday June 8th and Saturday June 9th at Crowne Plaza – 1325 Virginia Ave. Atlanta GA
A Registration Form will be available soon.
Registration Fees; Early Bird before May 10 – $99 single – married couples $149
After May 10 – Single $129 – Married Couples $179 (9 CEU’s included in registration fee)

Registration Friday from 2:00 – 6:00
Friday night Dinner and Keynote speaker
Saturday Commissioning of new licensed and ordained ministers and Communion.
Praise and worship – Dr. Kelley and Chastity McKnight
General Session – Dr. Charles Travis – Journey With Us
Breakout session 1 – Confronting Opioid and other Addiction and how to counsel those addicted.
Breakout session 2 – Building your Ministry through Building teams.
Graduation for Aidan University, American Chaplains Association, Life Changing University and Coaching Certifications.

Crowne Plaza – 1325 Virginia Ave. Atlanta GA 30344 – 404-726-9675
Rooms: $99 plus tax

$30 for Vendor Tables

Are you called to minister?

Are you called to be a chaplain?

Are you looking for the resources and tools to help you fulfill your God-given destiny?

You will find the answers through the American Chaplains Association.

“We are looking for a few good men and women to join us in our journey we call chaplaincy. All chaplains are unique within themselves because each has a different calling from hospital, prison, military, workplace and critical incidents. All of these areas have one thing in common and that is they are called by God to a ministry of presence. No matter which area you choose, and many chaplains cross over into more than one of these fields, the bottom line is to be available and show a ministry of presence. We invite you to become a part of our organization and to take this journey with us.”
Chaplain Jack Kelly, Ph.D.

Membership,Certification, Community, Fellowship,
Education and Accountability.

The American Chaplains Association is a national organization of multifaceted chaplains with a heart to serve the community and care for those in need outside the normal walls of the church. A chaplain is respected and recognized across the wide spectrum of religious organizations, various denominations, military, hospitals, government, sports, businesses, the corporate world and much more.

If there is a prompting in your heart to serve your community, The American Chaplains Association can provide you the education, training, resources, fellowship, accountability and a Certification Program to help you find and fill your call and seek your destiny as a minister for the Lord, in helping others.

Why become a chaplain?

Chaplains operate outside the traditional walls of a church. There is an acceptance across all religious and secular boundaries for chaplains. From the military, hospitals to crisis situations, people are readily open to speak to and receive help from a chaplain. Chaplains provide more than just spiritual help and guidance. They meet the practical needs of people that are experiencing pain. Chaplains can offer ministry and help to those that do not regularly attend any church. Chaplains throughout history have earned the respect of workers, management, sports teams, and those that have experienced disasters and trauma.

Chaplains often perform all the normal religious functions of a priest or minister. However, a chaplain goes beyond these duties and operates much like the Good Samaritan. They go out into the highways and byways, the workplaces and corporate environments and show up when there is national disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and other traumatic events.

Hours: 12p - 5p Tuesday - Thursday