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Today’s chaplain may not be what you would expect. Chaplains can be where you would least expect them, but where you need them the most.

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What Is Workplace Chaplaincy?

Understand how a chaplain could benefit your workplace.[read more]


Being Rooted

We are here to serve you by helping you get equipped, rooted, and established in the faith.[read more]


Bernell Wesley

Community Chaplaincy Outreach, Inc

Learn about Community Chaplaincy Outreach, Inc. [read more]


Not The Author of Life

I am not the author of life nor do I know the final destination of any person. [read more]




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Certified Chaplaincy

By Dr. Charles Travis, Dr. A. Jack Kelly, Dr. Ken McCoy, Dr. Tim Pendrey, and Juanita Warren

A certificate program offered by Life Changing University in affiliation with Logos University.


Certification ProgramCertification Program:

Dates and Times:

Sign up today and become a Certified Chaplain in just 28 weeks and it’s all done on the telephone. The next program begins on Tuesday, January 21, 2014 7pm. Please email Julia@TheOpusOneGroup.com for registration and information.

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