Intro to Chaplaincy

This module is an overview and encapsulates the 6 different modules which will follow. It defines and explains the different types of Chaplaincy we will be teaching in the following modules.

Jail & Prison

Instructor Dr. Ken McCoy

This module gives you an overview of what it takes to become a jail or prison Chaplain. It teaches you the ends and outs of the rules and regulations and gives you the confidence you need as you minister in these situations.


Instructor Dr. Tim Pendrey

This module is an introduction into what it takes to become a hospital, hospice, or long-term facility chaplain. In some hospitals, you will need to do further study and possibly get some CPE training.


Instructor Dr. Juanita Warren and Col. Mack Griffith

This module is not about joining the military and serving in the service. It is about serving as a chaplain to deployed military families as well as soldiers before and after their deployment.


Instructors Dr. Amy Hollingshead, Dr. Charles  Travis, and Dr. Jack Kelly

In this module. you will learn that Chaplains in the workplace, marketplace, corporations, and manufacturing plants are in high demand. This form of chaplaincy is overlooked by many ministers and ministries.

Critical Incidents

Instructors Dr. Charles Travis, Chaplain Don. and Dr. Jack Kelly

Critical Incidents are happening all around us and this module teaches us ways in which we can be ever alert and trained to respond to both large and small critical incidents.

Chaplains to Chaplains

Instructors Dr. Charles Travis, Dr. Tim Pendrey, Dr. Ken McCoy, and Dr. Jack Kelly

This module is very important in the fact that all chaplains need others to be able to share with and debrief after they have been serving in any of the above areas.