Chaplain Certification Program

This is a 20-week long telecommunications training program. Classes are held over the phone with students and are supplemented with emails and MP3 follow-ups. This 5-month program covers seven key areas of chaplaincy.

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Introduction to Chaplaincy

These classes provide an in-depth introduction to chaplaincy, establishes the foundation and expectations for the entire course and provides for the opportunities for the students to build relationships among each other and prepare for the intensive training to follow. The introductory classes provide a practical, hands-on picture of the many aspects of Chaplaincy. The classes are taught by practicing chaplains and experts in the related areas, concerning what to expect, key elements necessary to become a chaplain, and how to enter into ministry as a chaplain.

Military Chaplaincy

These classes offer insight into the military culture and bring increase awareness of the needs and considerations of our servicemen, their families, and loved ones.

Hospitals, Hospice and Extended Care Facility Chaplaincy

These classes provide the students with the best practices and need to know information while dealing in these environments. Dealing with people with critical illnesses and their family members or in the hospice situation are covered in detail.

Workplace, Marketplace and Corporate Chaplaincy

Students will learn how to serve employees and staff as a chaplain in various work settings and in corporations. The focus is to integrate pastoral attention and personal employee concerns with the quality of work-life issues. These issues can include staff communications, dispute resolution, business ethics, stress mitigation, and career transition. The workplace chaplain will provide ministry, education and advisory services for people in the context of their work life. Other issues that will be related to this include how marriage and family issues affect the workplace along with balancing work and family priorities. The program will touch on areas that affect the workplace such as addictions, grief and trauma, financial and legal problems, communication skills and personal values and practices as they relate to the workplace.

Critical Incident Chaplaincy

These lessons provide the student with exposure and practical experience from chaplains that have been there and done that caring for people during difficult times and following traumatic events. In addition, the students will be exposed to how to care for the first responders to these events.

Jail and Prison Chaplaincy

Jail and Prison Ministry is about setting the captives free with the Word and Love of our God. This program will equip you with the knowledge and wisdom of how to have success in the enemies’ territory. You will come away knowing whether this is your calling or not. There will be no doubt.
You will also come away knowing the spiritual battles and the physical trials the workers and prisoners endure on a daily basis. This program holds nothing back when it comes to life behind bars.
Last but not least, you will learn that no matter how many programs are offered to change people’s lives inside and outside the walls of prisons and jails, there is only one change agent, and that is the Holy Spirit of God.
You will walk away fulfilled.

Chaplain to Chaplain Self Care

The critical situations and issues that chaplains deal with on an ongoing basis require them to be aware of when there experiencing burnout. Providing a forum and personal chaplain to chaplain ministry will be explored during these lessons.