Areas of Chaplaincy

Members of the American Chaplains Association include:

Workplace Chaplains
Corporate Chaplains
Jail Chaplains
Prison Chaplains
Military Chaplains (active-duty, inactive and voluntary)
Schools, Colleges and Universities
Hospital Chaplains
Hospice Chaplains
Long-Term Health Care/Assisted-Living Facilities Chaplains
Corporate Chaplains
Marketplace Chaplains
Sports Team Chaplains
Chaplains assist with grief, stress, pain, and suffering
Critical Incident, Natural Disaster Chaplains, Terrorist Attacks Chaplains
Chaplains to Chaplains

The American Chaplains Association provides a comprehensive Board Certified Chaplaincy Certification Program, educational opportunities, annual events and conference, membership, and an ongoing community of fellow chaplains.

It has been said, “All chaplains are clergy; but, not all clergy are chaplains.” Clergy minister to members of the body of Christ in a local church setting. Chaplains, however, minister to all people regardless of their faith or their membership to a church or their spiritual background. Chaplains minister in circumstances most ministers will never see or experience. Chaplaincy is designed to bring help, care and assistance to people in the physical setting that they are; such as the workplace, sports arena, hospitals, military, hospice, and nursing facilities, etc.

Chaplains have become commonplace in the local and state police departments, sheriff departments and federal law enforcement agencies. They’re also involved with fire departments and the emergency response teams. They often work alongside the American Red Cross and the National Transportation Safety Board. There are chaplains who minister to professional long-haul truckers on the road and at truck stops throughout the country. Large airports and seaports also have chaplains as well as chaplains that minister to 50 racetracks across the country. Congress and other legislative governmental bodies also have chaplains.

Chaplains can be found any place that there are people who have needs.

Chaplains are a visible reminder to all those present that God is among His people and that He is concerned about the lives of each person.